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I'm Vee Tanner, an online business manager and strategist.

My clients are successful visionaries, speakers and brands looking to move their business online in these challenging times.

They are ready to embrace this new way of showing up, have lots of creative ideas but they're frustrated with the tech, not really sure what they need and don't have the skill set within their team.

I create and implement digital marketing and communication strategies for creative thought-leaders, speakers and brands who want to get their business working well online, so they can reach and serve more people online, be known as the leader in their industry so they can grow their business.

I build the online ‘engine’ that channels and processes their ideas using web strategies and systems to accelerate their bigger goals and plans.

This includes creating and refining websites, lead magnets and email marketing as well as using social media effectively.

I’ve spent the last 15 years at the edge of the spotlight of hundreds of my clients designing and setting up websites, lead magnets & nurturing systems, leading and training their teams to run effective email marketing and social media campaigns to grow their businesses.

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